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Feb 08

Life Outdoors - Cruel and High Risk


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  • Chris Norlund

    Thanks for putting this up on the web and sharing it. Great information. The unfortunate and tragic anecdotal examples of the list of various bad outcomes outdoor rabbits experienced should be made into some sort of handout or poster for use at shelters.

    The only criticism I have about the podcast is that in the beggining there is a lengthy amount of discussion that tends to lose listeners. Without visuals it made it a bit confusing to relate to the main topic. Good information, but save the ‘commercial’ for at the end instead perhaps.

    Feb 9, 2011 at 3:27 am
  • Kerrie

    Suggestions: Slow down when you’re reading the CHRS content… at times you’re slurring the words. Also throughout the podcasts, at times your tone is a little condescending and off-putting (”You need to remember that” “Don’t forget that”)

    About this episode: When having rabbits in the house is not possible, a very sturdy and secure living space outdoors is an acceptable solution, I think - not a wire hutch with no place to get away from predators and no relief for their feet. Window screen over the wire to keep out flies is another good safety measure. The key, of course, is the loving care and dedication of the human - to provide a very solid and safe (and probably expensive) habitat, and to feed, water, and visit regularly. I have seen a few outdoor habitats (in pictures and in person) and they are amazing. But anyone who isn’t devoted and committed to their rabbit in the deepest way should be advised against keeping their bunny outdoors. Bunny can still starve to death in the best outdoor enclosure $$$ can make or buy.

    Feb 9, 2011 at 7:25 am
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